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Bill Calendula Balm
Bill Calendula Balm brings relief and care!
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Bill Calendula Balm
Bill Calendula Balm brings relief and care!
If the skin of your baby skinny, red and sensitive, Bill brings Calendula Balm with zinc oxide lighting and care. The Bill balsam and vochtwerend forms a protective layer between the skin and corrosive fluids.
Bill Calendula Balm
Bill Calendula Balm brings relief and care!
If your baby gets teeth, he will also have red and skinny billetjes.

The ingredients wolwas, beeswax and especially zinc in the Bill Calendula Balm is a natural, shielding layer between the skin and the baby more corrosive fluid from the stool. If the Bill is made balsam may Calendula and chamomile extracts their caring work. All in the next diaper change, the first results show!

The skin of your baby plooitjes are sometimes difficult to properly dry, rough spots may occur. In these places, the Bill Calendula Balm soothing and purifying.
Main Ingredient
Calendula extract, Chamomile extract, Almond oil, Sesame oil, Beeswax, Wolwas, Earth Mud, Water, & Vetzuurglyceride composition of natural essential oils.
Detail Ingredient
Calendula extract purifies and works by soothing poor places.

Chamomile extract softens the skin.

Zinc oxide protects sensitive skin from corrosive fluid (acid-relief).

Almond Oil nourishes and takes care of the skin.

Sesame oil (organic) feed and care of the skin.

Beeswax protects delicate baby skin without skin closure, the product consistency and emulsifiable properties (connection fatty and aqueous parts of the product).

Wolwas (lanolin) protects the sensitive skin intensive.

Earth clay (hectorite) is cleaning and degreasing and product consistency.

Water is intended to dilution and works as a solvent to make extracts.

Vetzuurglyceride made from vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, coconut oil and palm oil and vegetable glycerine acts as an emulsifier (connects the oily and watery parts).

Composition of natural essential oils, including essential oils of lavender, inter alia, sali and ylang-ylang fragrance and acts as a preservative effect.
Bill Calendula Balm
Bill Calendula Balm brings relief and care!
If you make a new diaper, you can after the removal of the diaper billetjes cleaned with a damp cloth or washcloth with possibly some Calendula Body Milk it.

Then grease your billetjes thick with Calendula Balm Bill, so you really a foreclosure layer between the broken billetjes and moisture.

If your baby is very red and sensitive billetjes, it Calendula Balm Bill the best in each change of diaper is used.

Is the skin calm, it can be transferred to Calendula Body Cream for the daily care of the billetjes.
Do not use in hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

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12-06-2018 Amersfoort - Julia
Zeer tevreden
Dit is de enige billencreme waar mijn dochter geen uitslag van krijgt en schrale billen snel van genezen.
07-03-2018 Eindhoven - Lisanne
Super product & super levering
Deze billenbalsem is zacht en natuurlijk, het werkt erg goed, geen luieruitslag meer!! Het ruikt lekker! De levering was super snel, heel tevreden!
03-03-2014 U. - J.
Fijne balsem
Werkt goed tegen roodheid en jeuk. De balsem ruikt ook heerlijk.
26-12-2010 Apeldoorn - Manuela Noordman
Fijne billen créme en nog veilig ook
Al een tijdje verzorg ik de billen van mijn dametjes met de créme van Weleda en ik zou niet anders meer willen. De créme smeert lekker en werkt goed zonder allerlei extra toegevoegde rommel. Ik kan het iedereen aanraden.
4 reviewspage 1/1
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