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Would you like to give something different than a gift certificate, food package, or kitchen tools for Christmas this year? Surprise them with an original and healthy present!

Health is what we base a fun and happy life on, and that is something you would wish for your family, acquaintances, and employees!

This is why Vitaminstore has unique health packages for special circumstances, like the holidays. You can assemble your package yourself from a wide range of health care products (such as: food supplements, natural cosmetics, and various gadgets). This allows anyone to assemble a package for any taste and for every budget.

It is possible to purchase gift packages separately; however, we provide an excellent discount for larger orders of multiple packages.
We have already festively wrapped a Health, Beauty, and Sports package for you as an example. Of course it is possible to vary and add more products of your choice. Contact Vitaminstore for a free offer!
‘Health’ package
This healthy package has everything you need to start the new year!

 • Optimal dose of Multi Vitamins for resistance
 • Fish oil capsules with omega-3 fatty acids for clean arteries
• An advanced fat percentage meter to check your own fat percentage by giving personal information.
 Price per package: € 29,95
‘Sports’ package
This sports package is an ideal addition to your training and helps to improve athletic performance!

• Antioxidants to quickly break down the harmful substances that develop naturally while exercising
• Creatine helps to build muscles and gives you more power for a better performance 
• The digital skipping rope measures your rotational speed and calories burned

 Price per package: € 29,95

‘Beauty’ package
This beauty package has everything a woman needs for a beautiful and healthy look!

 • Skin Hair Nail contains all the nutrients for beautiful skin, strong and healthy nails, and soft, shiny hair
 • 100% natural day cream for soft and supple skin
• Foaming bath pearls for a delightfully relaxing bath

 Price per package: € 29,95

 For more information about these packages, and other possibilties (e.g. birthday gifts, party favors and gift certificates), please contact Vitaminstore.